Finding Insurance for Private Yacht Clubs

If you run a private club or recreational organization, it can be hard to find the perfect fit for your insurance needs. You are a business, in many senses, and your organization probably has employees. At the same time, many clubs operate in a non-profit manner, adjusting dues to maintain a cash reserve and disciplining budgets to keep those costs as low as they can be without compromising on club amenities. That makes finding the right insurance more important, but it also introduces exposure that a public-facing company operating for profit might not have. Luckily, there are options out there for yacht club insurance that really understand how your organization differs from other marine businesses and non-profits.


Does Your Insurer Understand the Difference Between a Marina and a Yacht Club?


Marine insurance providers like Merrimac Marine often cater to all the niches involved in the lifestyle, including for-profit marinas, shipyards and repair services, charter companies, and private recreational boat and yacht owners. This gives them a wide range of experience needed to customize their service to the needs of each individual company and organization they work with. If you’re not working with a company that has people on staff with experience on the water in a personal and professional capacity, how well-informed is your coverage?