Minimizing the Spread of Legionella Bacteria

Every year, more than 6,000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease are reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). And while nine out of 10 cases of this disease are preventable, workers who are advanced in age and/or who are prone to illness with compromised immune systems continue to be diagnosed every year.

For professionals who work in water treatment roles, it would help to be insured by specific legionella insurance. However, many water treatment insurers exclude this kind of coverage and other bacteria-related issues from their coverage. This is unfortunate for both the individuals affected by bacteria on the job and the companies that operate within water treatment.

Knowing this, it’s important for these companies to have a comprehensive plan to manage risks related to this disease, cutting down on it as much as possible. By making sure that the water supply is clear of life-threatening bacteria, there is a better chance to keep employees healthy and companies from needing to dip into their pockets for more coverage.

Preventing Legionella

For companies that want to keep this disease and other hazardous bacteria away from employees on the job and away from entering the water system, it’s best to pursue maintaining cooling towers and plumbing systems. However, every water treatment plant has its flaws and cannot be completely risk-proof. That’s why it’s important to make sure that upkeep of water treatment management for the purpose of the safety of everyone present is upheld.

By utilizing a cooling tower system, this can help to combat the spread or even the forming of Legionella bacteria. Every water system needs to be assessed for the risks it can potentially pose as well as cooling towers, which need to have biocide programs, be looked at for corrosion as well as bacteria.

For plumbing systems, designs need to be looked at to spot any updates that are necessary to increase their integrity. Recirculation needs to be a honed-in on to ensure that issues involving bacteria outbreaks don’t come up in the future and tanks and pumps need to be examined to look for any stagnant water.

Plus, it’s always a good rule of thumb to always clean and flush pipes with disinfectants regularly, which will help to prevent infection from spreading.

Responding to Legionella Risks

Companies who find themselves in the middle of lawsuits and claims involving a Legionella outbreak have to worry about containing the matter and finding ways to prevent it from happening again. While the notes above on how to prevent it in the future can be helpful, there is work to be done legally after an outbreak has occurred.

Having Legionella insurance for water treatment plants is crucial to protect a company during litigation and supply the funds needed for things like medical bills, settlements, and legal representation. That’s why Watercolor Management has made Legionella insurance part of its coverage, helping water treatment companies with serious matters related to legal claims of an outbreak or single case.

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