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Canada Water Treatment Program: Managing Liability Risks

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WaterColor Management, a Managing General Underwriter, has partnered with Lackner McLennan Insurance and Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers to bring our three decades of expertise in insuring water treatment and water handling operations to firms throughout Canada. WaterColor is the largest and most competitive underwriter of water treatment risks in the U.S., and is well positioned to extend our experience and market relationships to companies north of the border. Lackner McLennan and Erb and Erb have been serving the groundwater industry in Canada since 1992. Together, we will address the unique and complex liability exposures water treatment and water handling operations face with broad, responsive coverage.

Option 1: Best Package Liability Coverage for Water Treatment & Water Handling Operations

Multiple Liability coverages are available in one policy:

  • General Liability
  • Products & Completed Operations
  • Pollution (Long-Term or Short-Term Options)
  • Errors and Omissions
  • No Bacteria Exclusion
  • No Heavy Metal or Radon Exclusions
  • Numerous Coverage Expansions Available
  • Incidental United States Coverage

Option 2: Broad Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage Policy

Covered operations include:

  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment Services
  • Boiler Water Treatment Services
  • Water Treatment Equipment Mfg & Sales
  • Water Treatment Consultants
  • Water Treatment Chemical Mfg. Reps
  • Water Treatment Chemical Distributors
  • Water Treatment Chemical Blenders and Mixers
  • Water Softening Sales & Installation
  • Water Softening Equipment Mfg & Sales & Rental
  • Water Recycling and Recovery Operations
  • Water Filter Sales and Installation
  • Chemical Analyst
  • Water Filter Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Water Companies Including Treatment Plants
  • Water Analysis Reagent and Testing Mfg & Sales
  • Water Analysis Laboratories
  • Waste Water Treatment Operations
  • UV and Reverse Osmosis Sales and Installation
  • UV and Reverse Osmosis Mfg & Sales
  • Septic Tank Mfg & Sales
  • Septic Tank Maintenance (Pumping)
  • Septic Tank Installation
  • Septic Tank and Drain Field Design
  • Septic Tank and Drain Field Consulting
  • Port-a-Pottie operations
  • Agricultural Water Treatment and Irrigation
  • Irrigation Works
  • Plumbing Companies
  • Plumbing Supplies Mfg
  • Pumps and Compressor Mfg
  • Pipeline Operations Non Flammable
  • Electrical Products Mfg. NOC
  • Millwright Operations
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Concrete Products Manufacturing 
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Sewer Cleaning Ops
  • Drilling Water NOC
  • Engineers and Architect Related to Water Industry
  • Water Bottling Ops
  • Waterworks Ops
  • Other Water Treatment and Handling Operations
In addition to our best-in-class liability coverages, we also offer sound risk management and loss-control strategies to help firms mitigate and reduce risk.

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