The Most Important Current Topics in Wastewater Treatment

When working for the wastewater treatment industry, you’re going to want to consider what the most important current topics are. Without the water treatment industry, no one can have clean water.

While there’s still changes to be made, progress continues in more than one way. Here’s a list of the most up-to-date industry trends and challenges that those in the wastewater treatment industry should know, via Water Online.

  1. Energy Production and Conservation. Energy and water consumption has always had challenges finding an adequate balance between the two. But it’s still completely possible. Currently, energy use at a water or wastewater facility can be 30 to 50 percent of the site’s total energy consumption. Technology has expanded in order to find other alternative energy consumption routes, as well as ways to utilize less energy overall.
  2. Nutrient Management. Thanks to changing regulations and increasingly strict limits have brought nutrient management to light as a major topic within the water and wastewater treatment industries.
  3. Residuals and Biosolids. Removing toxic waste from water has always been a challenge for the water and wastewater industries, accounting for more than 50 percent of treatment costs. But if the waste is claimed, cleaned and reused, there could be additional revenue to be made.
  4. Water Reclamation and Reuse. Reusing treated wastewater has become a huge trend within the industry lately, working for both drinking water and other water purposes. Water shortages across the country have made been a huge burden that reusing treated wastewater has been able to fill. The pressure to use less water overall has led to the consistent use of reusable wastewater.
  5. Water Supply and Water Management. When water is scarce due to the geographic location of an area, water supply and water management must be heavily considered. It’s imperative to find out how much water is available and where it’s located, as well as where it’s coming from. Water management is essential because someone has to balance the use between industrial water and consumer water.
  6. Stormwater, Green Infrastructure, and Wet Weather Management. Stormwater management has been on the eyes of both the water and wastewater industry lately. Heavy wet-weather events are often hazardous to the rain systems put in place, which is why it’s important to find a place for all of that extra water to go without harming any nearby communities. Green infrastructure solutions and growing regulations are some of the solutions to this problem.

Other Critical Topics in Wastewater Treatment to Consider

While they say they are flushable, that doesn’t mean they aren’t hazardous. Collection systems have been in the spotlight recently. Some other crucial topics to consider and the growing concerns with the industrial wastewater industry, utility management and finding new ways to innovate technology for a better future. But while we’re waiting for more change, having water treatment insurance can prove to be incredibly useful for the long-term.

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