How Water Treatment Providers Can Seek New Customers Online

Finding new business opportunities and reaching out to new customers used to just have to be fit to print. From newspapers to billboards to road signs, advertising efforts to reach a new customer base was pretty straightforward. But with the advent of social media and online business, finding new customers has completely changed in the last 20 years. This is no different for water treatment providers.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Water Treatment Providers

Water treatment providers are not immune to the online business revolution and should be on top of ways to retain clientele while reaching out to potential new customers online. This will help to offer new services and gain traction on the competition.

Here are a number of ways that water treatment providers can seek new business online.

Local Listings

Businesses of any size and industry can register with local listing services such as Google Places in order to be found more easily online. Businesses can go online, fill out the necessary information, and get verified through confirmation. Yahoo! also has its own database of businesses and Microsoft’s Bing search service has its own as well.

Get On Top of Social Media

It’s no secret that social media can spearhead a business owners’ efforts in finding new business. Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook have all combined to completely upend the way businesses advertise their services. Social media is now a necessary time investment for businesses as they can tie in ads and offers on Facebook or reach out to customers directly through interactive Instagram or Twitter posts.

Furthermore, social media can also act as a free public relations department, keeping the public updated about any goings-on in the company and updates to projects. It can also keep the public and media aware of any legal matters that may require information to be published. If there are claims out against a wastewater treatment plant for such issues as chemical leaks, keeping everyone updated via social media can help to limit risks and confusion. Another way to do this is to invest in water treatment insurance, which provides clients with the right resources to protect companies in times of financial and legal issues.

SEO Pays Off

Search engine optimization is a valuable asset that wastewater treatment programs can use in order to garner attention and pick up new business opportunities. SEO helps businesses stand out more online and can help them be more easily discovered through searches on sites like Google. Where and how businesses are ranked on search results helps customers find them more readily, so having an SEO strategy will help to boost a wastewater treatment business’s position among local searches.

Press Releases

No matter the industry, press releases have always helped to give an extra boost when it comes to calling attention. What’s better–it’s free! Every time a wastewater treatment program does something of note, they should be sure to send out a press release and supplement it with social media posts. These releases are powerful media tools to help generate organic publicity more freely.

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